Sue S. states:

I was having pain in my back and had a knot near my right shoulder blade. After treatment at another chiropractic office, I didn’t experience any relief. After two visits to Dr. Silver-Riddell, the knot near my right shoulder blade was gone! Dr. Silver-Riddell has magic fingers!

Dr. Silver-Riddell also carries nutritional pet supplements. My dog was diagnosed with cardiac heart failure. He was very lethargic. J.J. at Dr. Silver-Riddell’s office recommended a heart blend supplement. Shortly after begining the supllements, my dog was running around, was much more active, and had turned into a puppy! The cost of the supplements were $15, compared to $1,000 for x-rays and an initial consultation at a dog cardiologist!

I would recommend Dr. Silver-Riddell and her staff to anyone… two or four-legged.



Dianne P. states:

When I began chiropractic care, I had severe low back pain on both sides. The worst was on my left side. I would often trip because of my left foot. My entire left leg and foot were so numb and heavy that it was difficult to climb stairs. I could not hold my 9-month-old granddaughter while standing. I was told by doctors that I would end up in a wheel chair.

Within a couple of weeks of treatment from Dr. Silver-Riddell, I felt about 80% better! My lower back is nearly pain free. I do not trip, and I climb stairs normally. I am now able to climb the inflatable toys at Monkey Joe’s with my grandchildren. I can walk around and hold my grandbaby all day long.

Dr. Silver-Riddell has given me my life back!



Betty D. states:

I was having difficulty with my right arm becoming numb every day, and with arthritis in both knees and in my neck. I couldn’t walk up and down steps without pain. After being treated by Dr. Silver-Riddell, the changes in my condition are truly remarkable. Recently my two little toes were in such pain. After Dr. Silver-Riddell adjusted my toes, the pain was immediately gone. I would refer her to anyone.



B. O. states:

When my son was an infant, he suffered from colic and appeared to have intense gas pain. After a month of visits to Dr. Silver-Riddell, he was feeling much better. My wife and I continued to bring him to Dr. Silver-Riddell for an additional month, and we believe that she helped our son in a way that we could not.



David W. states:

I was suffering from lower back stiffness when I had a back injury at work. I was in the worst pain ever in my lower back. I couldn’t sit without pain. Sometimes the pain was unbearable. I went to other doctors, but they were unable to help me. The first couple of visits to Dr. Silver-Riddell were awesome. Now I could sit. I continued to improve, and now I am very happy with the results. I’m so glad that my wife recommended that I see Dr. Silver-Riddell.



Michael T. states:

After a torn meniscus operation on my right knee, I received treatment from Dr. Silver-Riddell. Since the operation, I find that Dr. Silver-Riddell’s adjustments help my knee to receive relief and healing. I can actually feel relaxing tingles in my right knee during a left neck adjustment. This proves that my spine and neck are the tree to touching every area of my body for healing. Thank you, Dr. Silver-Riddell.



Theresa M. states:

Our son seemed to have a severe case of cradle cap for over two years that didn’t go away without medications. Dermatologist treatments didn’t improve things for him. After visiting Dr. Silver-Riddell just three times, I saw enough of an improvement to take him off of the medication. His head looks better than it has looked for two years.



Thomas C. states:

I can now touch my toes! I haven’t been able to do this in years! My wife noticed that all my ranges of motion are so much better. I can easily sit on the floor without having to lean against something for back support. It’s also easier to get down on the floor and then up again. I feel so much better overall. I feel like I have energy… I want to get up and do things whereas before I really didn’t have the desire!



Kay D. states:

I was diagnosed with sciatica and arthritis. I had back, left hip and left knee pain radiating to my left, big toe. I could hardly sit,
walk, or bend. I began seeing Dr. Silver-Riddell. After ten treatments, along with the exercises Dr. Silver-Riddell suggested, I felt just amazing. The pain left and I could move freely once again. I can even use my daughter’s elliptical. I highly recommend Dr. Silver-Riddell to get you off the chiropractor’s couch and onto the runway of life quickly.



Joe T. states:

When I first started seeing Dr. Silver-Riddell, I had lower back pain and neck stiffness, with tingles in my left leg and neck. I used a cane almost daily for two months before I visited Dr. Silver-Riddell. After being treated, I no longer get tingles in my left leg when driving, or tingles in my hands at all. I don’t use a cane anymore, and I can turn my neck better (which helps a lot with driving).



Kimberly T. states:

After being in a car accident, I came to Dr. Silver-Riddell. She and her staff made me feel like family. They made me feel like I would be normal again, with the most important feeling being the one of pain relief even after the first visit. I am better with each visit and now know that I’m on track for a full recovery.



Judy M. states:

My purpose in seeking chiropractic care was the result of severe and chronic hip pain. Having tried PT and an array of pain killers and injections, I decided on my own to visit Dr. Silver-Riddell. A CAT scan showed a tear in the cartilage in the joint and damaged tendons. Since these injuries do not respond to Chiropractic, she gave me a series of exercises from Pete Egoscue’s Pain Free clinic to do at home. I spent several months following the treatment outlined, the goal of which is to realign the entire body. Within 4 – 6 months the ancillary pain in my shin and lower back disappeared.

At least 2 orthopedic doctors had told me the only thing they could do to repair the damage would be hip replacement. Having seen a lot of poor or even botched replacements I vowed to consider less invasive options. A year later I feel about 90% improved in the hip. Once I began the exercises, it cost me nothing but my time to get where I am today. As an aside, a previous injury to the knee on the opposite side has improved as well.

I also suffer from osteopenia of the hip and osteoporosis of the spine. I discontinued Fosamax about 18 months ago because of stomach problems and began using the Standard Process food based supplements recommended by Dr. Silver-Riddell. I discarded all the drugstore/health food store supplements I had used for many years. After a year I had another dexascan which showed that my osteoporosis had been upgraded to the milder osteopenia. This I believe is the result of the more easily absorbed calcium lactate and vitamin D I have been taking. I also take several other supplements based on a customized plan devised for me by JJ who does Nutrition Response testing, and I’ve never felt better.



Kelli P. states:

Last winter I started experiencing sinus and ear pressure which quickly escalated to visual disturbances and vertigo. After seeing three doctors, an ENT, an audiologist and family doctor, I had no answers or solutions, only prescriptions that weren’t working, expensive tests and a possibility of not being able to return to work anytime soon. After discussing the problems with Dr. Riddell, she adjusted me and everything got progressively better. Solutions at last.



Mike B. states:

I would like to thank Dr. Riddell and the staff at Family Chiropractic Center for their great service. After injuring my back in a fall, Dr. Riddell relieved the pain and corrected the problem without drugs or surgery.